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While attending a Cincinnati Reds baseball game my husband called out to a vendor because he wanted ball park peanuts. While paying the vendor he told my husband thank you and that he was his first customer, ever. Having been in sales for many years, both of us thought his comment would probably be the beginning of fresh new experiences for him because we could remember our first sales. This peanut vendor?s comment made me realize how much life offers us many new beginnings. First kiss, first job, first love ? I am sure you can think of many first in your life.

As a child I can remember telling my mother that Jesus was in my heart, I knew it because I was told that he lived there. As an adult I stopped going to Church because life got in the way. But I knew Jesus lived in my heart. Please understand I knew Jesus lived in my heart but I did not have what I would call a personal connection.

After my daughter was born I knew I wanted her brought up in Church. I wanted her to have Jesus in her heart, too. Each week we would put on our ?Sunday best? and head to church. There we would greet our friends, sing songs, listen to the pastor and go home. As my understanding of scripture grew, I began to open myself in prayer and to God?s presence. I knew that I was a child of God and I longed for that personal relationship.

One beautiful Sunday morning as a congregation we sang the old hymn ?How Great Thou Art.? As I sang, I had this most amazing sense of peace, almost like I was physically sighing.  I knew something special was happening to me as I opened myself up to the presence of God. Truly, How Great Thou Art, O Lord! This first sense of being a child of God on a personal level will always be a memorable moment for me.

As you go about with your busy day think about the many firsts in your life. Be thankful for the memories, they are what made you the special person you are today!

If the daily grind of life is interrupting your spirituality you might try reading Spirituality You Can Live With, Stronger Faith in 30 Days. It?s a low-key guide for those interested in habits of holiness they can actually maintain amid the frantic pace of daily life.

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