Reflecting on the Casey Anthony Verdict


The Casey Anthony verdict spurred an immediate explosion of raw emotion on Facebook and in Twitterverse. On my Facebook newsfeed, the majority of the outcry was rage. There was the usual blaming and finger pointing: the jury failed; the prosecution did this; the defense did that. I admit that my status update (composed quickly in a moment of shock) was accusatory, which is definitely less than charitable.

Fox News covered the reaction of celebrities in their ?Stars React to Anthony Verdict? website feature. Much like my Facebook friends and family, there were a variety of reactions:

  • The angry: ?Outraged. Out. Raged.? (Holly Marie Combs)
  • The sarcastic: ?Casey Anthony. You go girl! You have three years of partying to make up for!? (Kevin Nealon)
  • And the God-minded: ?God will judge you Casey! This isn?t over!? (Model Niki Taylor)

After some of the dust settled and emotions cooled down, I was able to reflect on the simple Facebook status update from a friend that really struck a chord with me:

God?s judgment is always just, infallible, and final.

For me, this trial was a reminder that determining whether or not someone is innocent or guilty is not for me to decide. (?Judge not, lest ye be judged.?) The above status update was a reminder that true justice will not be carried out here on earth, a comforting truth for the pure of heart (and for all who witness injustices on a daily basis).

?Catholic Mom? Lisa Hendey made a good point in her blog post: to pray for the repose of Caylee?s soul and to prayerfully remember ALL of the children whose lives have tragically ended.



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Lindsey Simmons is the Publicity, Social and Digital Media Manager at St. Anthony Messenger Press. She loves reading (especially Catholic books!) and as an animal lover, she feels a special connection to Saint Francis. She?s a member of a Dominican parish in Madeira, Ohio?St. Gertrude Catholic Church.




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