Social ?Shiny New? Syndrome


Are you pinning at Pinterest?

Who?s in your Google+ circles?

Uploaded a picturesque photo to Instagram yet?

The success of social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn offer an opportunity for newer social networks to grab the attention of consumers hungry for online sharing. But are they hungry for something new or have they already established their social network habits thus making anything new irrelevant quickly?

My work in Catholic media makes me a slave, mostly on the weekends, to the latest social networks. I investigate, sign up and discover social network applications for Franciscan Media.

Are you still telling folks where you are with Foursquare? Who remembers Friendfeed or Plurk? Do you Stumble or Digg? Do you miss bookmarking site Delicious or still upload photos to Flickr?

Some wonder whether interaction at blogs is waning because we like to spend our time updating Facebook status, tweet while watching the Oscars or upload videos to YouTube. Who has time to read, much less write, a 250 word blog post any more?

Meanwhile, my son spends most of his time texting, collecting friends at Facebook (he rarely posts an update) and downloading apps that his friends recommend.

What are your online habits? What sites do you trust for sharing? Does anyone read longform any more?



About the Author

Barbara Baker is Franciscan Media?s Director of marketing, sales and internet. She and her husband work with the Archdiocese of Cincinnati?s Family Life Office at their monthly pre-Cana weekends. Barbara spends too much time with her iPhone.





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