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Conference in Las Vegas

Last November, Brandon Kilby and I attended the Microsoft-sponsored DevConnections conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. As Web developers at Franciscan Media, we were extremely excited to be among the thousands who attended from all over the world. Some of the most well-known people in Web development were there to catechize new and emerging technologies. Needless to say it was well worth our time and filled with new ideas and adventure.

Sessions to Remember

The conference was broken out by individual sessions, detailing different topics over four days. During those days we must have attended more than 20 sessions. Scott Hanselman, a principal program manager at Microsoft, and Christian Wenz, the owner of Arrabiata Solutions, hosted two of my favorite sessions.

Scott Hanselman spoke about NuGet, a tool which helps developers download packages for development software called Visual Studio. His presentation covered his top 20 favorite NuGet packages in 50 minutes. I don?t know any presenter that could pull this off ? absolutely brilliant. I highly recommend visiting Scott?s blog if you are interested in Web development.

Christian Wenz was new to me. He hosted several sessions on topics that I am interested in such as jQuery for ASP.NET Developers and Web Development Security. Christian was an excellent speaker and focused on important topics that Web developers need to study and know. He also managed to teach a lot in a short amount of time. Christian taught things that I immediately implemented when I returned to Franciscan Media.

All of the presentations I attended were valuable, but Scott Hanselman and Christian Wenz presented sessions to remember.

Web Development Conference

New Web Experience

If I were to tell you what to look out for on the Web ? now that I attended the DevConnections conference ? it would be HTML5 and CSS3.  They will change the way the Web looks and behaves.

Here are a few ways in which these technologies will noticeably change your Web experience:

  1. Websites will store larger amounts of data onto your computer. This will allow you to use Web applications without being connected to the Internet.
  2. Websites will not be as restricted in font styles as they have been in the past.
  3. Videos and audio players will be embedded without plug-ins or external players.
  4. Designers will have the ability to create 3-D effects.
  5. Games will be created by using only the browser ? no plug-ins.
  6. Web applications will become more fluid and give you experiences you have had while using your Mac or Windows operating system (e.g. dragging and dropping files).
  7. Shadow boxes, rounded corners and animation will be seen in more Web design.

Added Bonus

Outside of all the hustling from one session to another, I was able to get to know my co-worker a little better during this trip. I think getting to know Brandon was as valuable, or more valuable, as learning from the more than 20 sessions. Thanks, Brandon, for the added bonus!

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